Executive Principal's Welcome


Executive Principal Welcome 


Crest Education began its journey as Hillcrest Christian College at Nyora in 1981, at a time when many Christian Schools sprang up across Australia with changes made to government funding models. The College started with a deep sense of the importance of nurturing young men and women who are well rounded – spiritually, academically and socially. The emphasis back in those days was enabling students to think clearly about their futures and the positive impact they could have on their community around them. Now, more than three decades later, many things have changed, much growth has been seen in this school community and what was a small country school with a big vision has become an educational precinct with many more resources, programs, students and families but still with the same core values at heart.

What started out as Hillcrest has now flourished into an entire Crest Education precinct which now includes Rivercrest Christian College, inaugurated in 2014, as well as the Ayr Hill Equestrian Centre. In addition we are in the process of planning a new Environmental Centre at the back of this 138 acre property which will provide many opportunities for genuine learning in a living laboratory.

Crest seeks in all of its endeavours to focus on a three stranded approach which values faith formation in the lives of our students, the opportunity to achieve excellent outcomes in all areas of education – including but not limited to the academic sphere – and the deliberate promotion and creation of a genuine sense of community. These three strands, integrated by the Good News of the Christian Gospel, lie at the very core of what motivates the staff of Crest to do all they can to see the students and families flourish.

As you read the information on this website, my prayer is that you will discern whether Rivercrest Christian College will be the right fit for you – whether you are a prospective family or possibly a future member of staff. Enjoy finding out more about Rivercrest as you navigate these pages.

Mr Geoff Grace
Executive Principal
Crest Education

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