Financial Information

School Fees

Rivercrest Christian College is a low fee-paying independent College that seeks to offer high quality Christian education. Generous family discounts are available for families with 2 or more children attending our school.

Rivercrest structures its fees to ensure each family has clarity on the financial commitment they make to pay school fees. As such we try to include all the various costs (excursions, incursions, student accident insurance and school magazine) into our tuition fees and general levies. Additional levies only apply for private music lessons and bus costs.

Every effort will be made to assist families in meeting their commitment to pay College fees. Rivercrest also works to support existing families who may experience unexpected financial difficulty by providing the ability to apply for short term support from the limited pool of funds set aside for fee assistance.

Please refer to the attached fee schedule and should you have any queries, feel free to contact our Finance Office.

Please feel free to download our current Fee Schedule for 2019

Initial Enrolment Fees

Enrolment fee: $300 First child, $200 Second child, $100 for each additional child.
 Enrolment confirmation deposit (per family): $700 (fully offset against Term 4 fees)

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