Middle Years

Middle Years

Rivercrest's Middle Years Campus will cater for students from Year 6 - Year 10. The curriculum will build upon the knowledge, conceptual understandings and skills addressed in our Primary Years.

The Middle Years Curriculum will include the following subjects:

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Science
  4. Humanities
  5. The Arts - Performance and Visual
  6. Health and PE
  7. Additional Language - French or Mandarin
  8. Design

In addition, students participate in our Enrichment Programme which provides includes the option of participating in Equestrian lessons for interested students. 

All students will participate in our spiritual, social and emotional skills programme, SALT.

The curriculum framework is based on an inquiry approach to learning with a strong emphasis on problem solving and real world application. Students will be challenged to explore ideas and issues of local and global significance. Developing the skills to be both independent and collaborative is an essential part of the curriculum.

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